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Our home-like café serves Kazakh and Uighur and European cuisine: beshbarmak, lagman, plov, manty, pelmeni.

Orders are placed in advance:
+7 702 431 21 35
+7 707 910 80 79

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We offer barbeque equipment free of charge. There are tables and washing basin in the Barbeque Corner.

About us

Thermal Water

Chundzha Hot Springs are well known for its healing water. Kara Dala Resort's thermal water is pumped at a depth of 650 meters. Bathing and swimming in our thermal pools contribute to the process of self-regulation of the whole body, which in turn increases its resistance to various diseases.

Nature and Relaxation

Far away from a hectic city life, Kara Dala Resort at Chundzha Hot Springs is a refreshing and peaceful oasis surrounded by a wild steppe of Kazakhstan.

Family and Friends

Our resort offers a wide range of solutions to accommodate couples, families with children as well as groups of friends and colleagues.

Traditions and Quality

Traditional Uyghur and Kazakh cuisine is cooked with local products by our professional staff.

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