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Kara Dala Resort at Chundzha Hot Springs, Kazakhstan

Our hot springs resort is located on the south east of Kazakhstan, about 300 km away from Almaty, a former capital of Kazakhstan. The area is part of the Uighur district of Almaty Region with Chundzha being its administrative centre.

The Chundzha Hot Springs in Ili Valley, about 40 km from Ketmen Mountain Range, is known for its unique thermal water which it contributes to the process of self-regulation of the whole body and increases its resistance to various diseases.

Chundzha region is also known for its natural wonders such as Charyn Canyon, a younger brother of American Grand Canyon and ancient Ashes Tree Wood.

Kara Dala Hot Springs Resort

Our Resort functions all year.  We have seven thermal pools with water pumped from our own artesian wells. Water temperature varies from 36 to 39 centigrades all year round.

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